April 28, 2011

Gallery: Canada Tour 2011

April 27, 2011

Liblog: Canada Tour Blog - Finale

Hello! Here I am again, for the last time until the next tour! So sad, so sad.

Anyway, after the Niagara Falls visit on Thursday, we had a concert quite a way away from Toronto in Hamilton. We were performing in a nice church called West Highland Baptist Church.

It was quite big, and so was the audience! It was a great concert, and it went really well.

The next day was a rather interesting one. We got up late, had breakfast etc., and then we relaxed in rooms for a while. The next day we had to sing at a service in Our Lady Immaculate Church in Guelph. So we had to have a practice for that as well. But, later on in the day, we went to the CN Tower!

It was so high, even Big Ben could not tower above it! Anywho, we bought the tickets, and once we got inside we saw… A MOOSE! Not a real one, but a plastic moose near the lifts. My word, those lifts were terrifying! You got inside, and then you whizzed up to the top in no time at all. It was like reverse skydiving! But at the top it was beautiful. You could see for miles around; it was really great. And there was also a glass floor, which was probably the most frightening thing I’ve ever witnessed. Ok, there is one in the Tokyo tower too – but that’s not 1, 400 ft high, with a curve! Oh wow it was scary. Although saying that it was a great experience, and on our way back down from the lithosphere we saw signs for record-breaking attempts from the tower – for example, one person yodelled for 7 hours 29 mins from the top of the tower! How useful that informations going to be to you I don’t know… We also went on a boat trip to Central Island. Sadly most of the attractions were still closed for the winter but we did some serious tree climbing and the view of Toronto was impressive indeed.

The next day was packed with lots of things to do; it was Easter Sunday. In the morning we sang Mass in the Church of our Lady Immaculate in Guelph – at the end we sung the Hallelujah chorus with the cathedral choir - plus a full band of strings, brass and organ - up in the loft. It was great fun – and the congregation clapped for a long time at the end! After that, we were treated to a delicious lunch by the church helpers, followed by a few hours of relaxation before having a sound check for our concert – which was in the same church. It’s a lovely building; it had a fantastic acoustic – and it was a near full house, which is amazing considering the size of the place.

At the end of the concert, equipment was packed away for the last time and we said our farewells to the crew – our Canadian roadies called Sean and Anthony who brought all the gear we had to rent, and our own crew who were going back to England on a different flight to us boys and chaperones.

We got back to Toronto at about half-midnight-ish, only to get up again at four to go to the airport. That was great – for once, the coach was silent! Anyhow, when we got to the airport we had a short break (with a Tim Hortons breakfast) and we were on our way. At the time of writing, we are currently over Ireland, and soon it will time for us to be going home – well yes, really! Thank you so much for supporting us in our first run of concerts in Canada; we hope to come back soon!

April 24, 2011

Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph, Canada Archive

Guelph Poster

Date: April 24, 2011
Location: Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Time: 7:30 pm
Ticket Prices: Premium $35, General $20, Children & students $10

Fan Photos by Lexi & Lauren

After Sunday morning church service