March 29, 2004

Opening for Hayley Westenra Archive

Libera was the opening act for 2 of Hayley Westenra's Pure Tour concerts.

Dates & Locations:
March 29, 2004  The London Palladium, London, United Kingdom
March 31, 2004  Eastbourne Congress Theatre, Eastbourne, United Kingdom
Time: 7:30 pm

Member List:
Anthony Chadney
Sam Coates
Ben Crawley
Tom Cully
Steven Geraghty
Michael Horncastle
Simon Lewis
Raoul Newmann
Callum Payne
Joe Platt
Chris Robson
Joe Sanders-Wilde
Jake Shortell
George Tarlton
James Vereycken
Nathaniel Webb

Song List: Libera opened concert with 4 songs -

1.  Sanctus II
2.  Deep Peace
3.  Stay With Me
4.  I Am the Day

For the finale, Libera sang along with the entire cast on "Hine e Hine", a Maori lullaby. See the video above. Libera enters the stage around 1:42 mark. Cast was 34 people - Hayley Westenra, Sophie Westenra, Isaac Westenra, Katherine Jenkins, Brandon Pou, 16 members of Libera, 5 Maori warriors, string quartet, guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion.

Pure Tour UK Flyer:

Pure Tour UK flyer front

Pure Tour UK flyer back


Sanctus II

Date: March 29 or 31, 2004
Note: Amateur recording from Hayley Westerna concert in London, UK.