July 9, 2007

Liblog: Twelve concerts in twelve weeks

Well to be totally truthful its been 14 weeks but that doesn't make such a good title.  12 concerts in 4 countries over 14 weeks has made  the start of summer an exciting, if somewhat tiring time for us.   

From Norwood to Nagoya,  from the Grand Opera House in Seoul to a soggy tent in flooded Yorkshire, we've performed in an amazing range of venues.  We've travelled 12500 miles by aeroplane, 1500 miles by coach, 750 miles by train and 60 miles by ferry and we've stayed in 7 different hotels.  More importantly we've performed to audiences numbering some 15000 people, and we think that's pretty fantastic because although we love the fact that lots of people enjoy our CDs there is nothing quite like performing in front of a real audience.

There have been many memorable moments.  That sinking feeling at Nagoya airport when we realised the immigration people really intended to match up every piece of luggage with the corresponding boarding pass.  Autographing 1200 programmes and CD covers in Tokyo (that's nearly 10000 signatures).  The kindness of our hosts, and the friendships we have made.  We've learned lots of things too, such as how to keep white robes and shoes clean in a muddy field (you can't) and the best way to order rolls for 30 people at a Subway.

But most of all we have appreciated the warmth of the welcome we have received  everywhere we have visited -  whether performing to 3000 people or 150.

Thank you