November 13, 2005

We Are The Lost (Michael H)

Date: November 13, 2005
Note: The soloist in this song is Michael Horncastle.

November 7, 2005

Discography: Visions

Visions (November 7, 2005)
1. Locus Iste
2. Always With You (soloist: Tom Cully)
3. Ave Maria (soloist: Conor O'Donnell)
4. Libera (soloist: Michael Horncastle and Joseph Sanders-Wilde)
5. Sempiterna (soloist: Joseph Sanders-Wilde and Tom Cully)
6. Prayer (soloist: Michael Horncastle and Callum Payne)
7. Rocordare (solist: Conor o'Donnell and Joseph Sanders-Wilde)
8. Wings of a Dove
9. Something Sings (soloist: Michael Horncastle)
10. New Day
11. We are the Lost (soloist: Michael Horncastle and Tom Cully)
12. Sing For Ever (soloist: Michael Horncastle)
13. Abide With Me (soloist: James Vereycken)

Libera Members:
Sam Abouelfaid
Jonathan Barrington
Anthony Chadney
Sam Coates
Liam Connery
Ben Crawley
Tom Cully
Ed Day
Steven Geraghty
Michael Horncastle
Simon Lewis
Sam Leggett
Zack Lockett
Josh Madine
Raoul Neumann
Connor O'Donnell
Callum Payne
Joe Platt
Chris Robson
Joe Sanders-Wilde
Jake Shortall
James Vereycken
Michael Vereycken