December 24, 1987

On the Way to Bethlehem

Date: December 24, 1987
Note: SPBC backing Val Doonican and Michala Petri.

July 5, 1987

Light the Candles

Date: July 1987

July 3, 1987

Be Still My Soul

Date: July 1987
Note: I think I saw young Ian Tilley in this video ;)

July 2, 1987

Panis Angelicus (Jaymi B & Sam H)

Date: July 1987
Note: The soloists in this video are Jaymi Bandtock and Sam Harper.

July 1, 1987

Light the Candles Round the World (Garegh L & Matthew A)

Date: July 1987
Note: Really low quality. The soloists in this video are Gareth Lowman, Matthew Arthey and Jaymi Bandtock.