October 25, 2006

Discography: Angel Voices

Angel Voices (October 25, 2006) 
1. Far Away (soloist: Michael Horncastle)
2. Sanctus (soloist: Ed Day)
3. Ave Maria (from Visions)
4. Going Home (Symphony no.9 by Dvorak) (soloist: Michael Horncastle and Tom Cully)
5. Be Still My Soul (from Free)
6. Salva Me (soloist: Tom Cully)
7. I Vow to Thee My Country (soloist: Michael Horncastle, Ed Day and Josh Madine)
8. Voca Me (from Free)
9. Always With You (from Visions)
10. We are the Lost (from Visions)
11. I am the Day (from Free)
12. Recordare (from Visions)
13. Abide with Me (From Visions)
14. Silent Night (soloist: Tom Cully and Ed Day)
15. Going Home

Libera Members:
Sam Abouelfaid
Jonathan Barrington
Tiarnan Branson
Thomas Cole
Oliver Cole
Liam Connery
Tom Cully
Ed Day
Jakob De Menezes-Wood
Michael Horncastle
Darnell Jones
Alex Leggett
Sam Leggett
Zack Lockett
Josh Madine
Conor O'Donnell
Callum Payne
Ben Philipp
Ralph Skan
Joe Snelling
Joe Sanders-Wilde
James Threadgill
James Vereycken
Michael Vereycken

October 15, 2006

Website Welcome

Date: October 2006
Note: This was added to Libera's official website after a major revamp. Features Tom Cully, Josh Madine, Liam Connery, and Michael Horncastle.

October 14, 2006

Introducing Libera

Date: October 2006