December 1, 1988

Discography: Sing For Ever

Sing For Ever (1988)
1. Morning Has Broken (soloist: Jaymi Bandtock)
2. Sing the Story (soloist: Jonathan Arthey)
3. Deep Peace (A Gaelic Blessing) (soloist: Jaymi Bandtock)
4. San Damiano (soloist: Jaymi Bandtock)
5. The Lord's My Shepherd (soloist: Ian Grimley)
6. Footprints (soloist: Jaymi Bandtock)
7. All Through the Night (soloist: Sam Harper)
8. Sing For Ever (soloist: Jaymi Bandtock and Sam Harper)
9. I Have a Dream (soloist: Jaymi Bandtock)
10. Pie Jesu 
11. For the Beauty of the Earth
12. Panis Angelicus (soloist: Jaymi Bandtock and Sam Harper)
13. Light the Candles (soloist: Gareth Lowman and Matthew Arthey)
14. Be Still My Soul