January 1, 2012

Profile: Matthew Madine

Name: Matthew Madine
Status: Current
Birthday: November 15, 2001

Matthew's first public appearance was at the Arundel Cathedral concert in May 2010. 

Matthew is the younger brother of Josh MadineHis cousins in Libera include: Sam LeggettAlex LeggettJakob De Menezes-WoodMichael Menezes and James Menezes

Album Appearances
The Christmas Album (2011)

Concert Appearances
11/19. St. George's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
11/20. Beverley Minster, Beverley, United Kingdom

07/27. Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
07/29. Cathedral of Satin Paul, St Paul, Minnesota, United States
07/31. Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, United States
08/03. Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, United States
08/07. Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, Texas, United States
08/09. Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, United States
10/25. PICC Plenary Hall, Manila, Philippines
10/28. Waterfront Hotel, Cebu, Philippines
11/25. St George's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom

04/13. Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan
04/14. Bunkamura Orchard Hall, Tokyo, Japan
04/06. Esplanade Theatre, Singapore, Singapore
04/07. Esplanade Theatre, Singapore, Singapore
08/01. Jersey Concert, Jersey, United Kingdom
08/02. Jersey Concert, Jersey, United Kingdom 
08/07. Guernsey Concert, Guernsey, United Kingdom
08/08. Guernsey Concert, Guernsey, United Kingdom
11/01. St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh, United Kingdom
11/02. St. Peter's Cathedral, Belfast, United Kingdom
11/16. St. George's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom

04/02. National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
04/03. National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan
04/06. Hsinchu Performance Hall, Hsinchu, Taiwan
04/07. Kaohsiung City Dadong Arts Center, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
04/09. ZhongXin Hall, Taichung, Taiwan
04/12. St. John's Catholic Church, Bundang, South Korea
04/13. Sejong Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea
05/11. Guildford Cathedral, Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
08/09. St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral, Armagh, Northern Ireland