May 4, 2009

Liblog: More places we went (on tour)

From JB

We went to a lot of different places and did a wide range of activities which varied from the astonishing views in Tokyo (especially at night)  to the general  thrill of  going  to  California. 

California was very interesting to visit, as it was not as similar to England as I thought it would be. There was a difference in the way people acted, the streets were cleaner -  the weather was hotter (even though that
was expected). But what was different most of all was the sense of trust and community, this was very pleasant.

We visited Hollywood where we saw the Walk of Fame and met some of the cartoon characters along the way. When we met some of our favourite ones the younger boys and some of the older boys went into a frenzy of hugging, dancing and shouting with delight (this strangely did not effect the characters) and in one of these random acts of madness I think the whole lot of us crowded round Tigger and started jumping in appreciation of how high Tigger can bounce himself. But then Tigger starting bouncing after us with a bucket and a strange muffled voice came out saying something about a ‘Tip’. We did not remember this from his cartoons.

While we were in Japan some of us went to the local Zoo, and saw some other animals. Like Polar Bears, Gorillas, Crocodiles, Elephants, Monkeys - you name it and they were all there doing their bit to keep us smiling. One very interesting encounter was how the Elephant made loud trumpeting noises - but I don't mean the usual the pleasant musical noise. It was more like there was someone behind the Elephant with a microphone and a whoopie cushion!

As we journeyed on we discovered the wonders of the monkey and the spectacle of the giant tortoise but nothing seemed to entertain the little ones more than the Monkeys was watching Big Ben craning his neck to manage to fit onto the monorail.