May 15, 2009

Liblog: More places we went (on tour)

Hi, my name is Sam.  This was my first Libera tour and my first time in Japan.  It was amazing! In Japan, I really loved all of the cutting-edge technology mixed with the ancient culture.  The mix of the ancient culture and the technology seem to fit perfectly together like one great jigsaw. It is really different to London and it took me a few days to get used to it.  
The huge concerts were great fun!  One concert hall had such big stairs that we had to help Mini James (you know, the small one) up the stairs! 
In between the concerts we really managed to get round Japan.  We all enjoyed the awesome aquarium with the dolphin show.  Ueno Zoo was really exciting, especially for me because I love animals.  

The food in Japan was sensational too.  All the noodle dishes laced with spices like magic dust were excellent.  But my all time favourite was the sushi.  My personal favourite was some sushi called IKA.  This was a small delicate slice of squid on a base of rice held together with seaweed.
We were lucky enough to experience the electric ‘whiz’ of the futuristic bullet train that can blast to the other side of Japan in 2 hours.  If you are ever in Japan you have to go on the bullet train.  
I also loved the little picturesque gardens that reminded me of a fairy tale. The mini waterfalls were magical and the little trees were pretty with vivid reds and deep greens.

I found the sights and sounds of Tokyo and Sendai truly amazing and the life on tour much different to my timetabled and hectic life in London.  I also wish I had a heated toilet seat at home!