April 4, 2007

Liblog: The Norwood Concert

On 23rd March, me (Josh, that is!) and the other Libera boys performed a concert  at St. Johns church in Norwood which is near the massive television aerials at Crystal Palace in South London. The church was absolutely humungous and when we first got there we all stood in awe at the vastness of the place!

          The night before the actual concert, we all gathered at the church to do a full technical and dress rehearsal. All the hi-tech guys that work behind the scenes and do all were there with all their multi-ability gadgets! They had obviously come hours before us because all of their stuff was already set up.

          Firstly, we all had to go into the back room and get changed. We had all remembered to bring our blue bags part from some people who are complete doughnuts! I mean who could forget to bring something like that when they are doing a big concert. I would never do a thing like that! (Editorial note- "Yes you would because you were one of those people who didn't bring it! -You doughnut!"). In our blue bags are:
·        2 or 3 pairs of white socks (Hopefully clean ones!)
·        1 pair of boxer shorts (For wearing under our robes)
·        1 pair of jazz shoes (They are like SO cool!)
Don't remember any of the above and you are the odd one out on stage.

          Anyway, we all got changed and some people had to go on stage earlier than others because they were getting their Radio Mics checked.

          Once we were all ready, we all got on stage for a full sound check. There were some very tall microphones that were on stage and also some speakers, which are called fold-back speakers. They are not called fold-back speakers because they are very flexible but because they are facing us and we can hear what we are singing even when there are loud drums playing.

          After the sound check, we were all ready for the run through. Have I mentioned the lights? What's that you say? No? Oh my gosh, I can't believe I have not told you about them. They are like so amazing. You will never, ever see anything like them in your life but if you do you will want one in your room immediately! They are amazing. They spin this way and that, changing colours, flashing and sparkling. They are fantastic and they made everything we did look ten times better even Liam when all the water is "slooshing" about in his ears!

ONE AMAZING TECHNICAL RUNTHROUGH LATER and we had finished!           

Find out how we got on in the real thing in Part 2 of "The Norwood Concert" by Joshua Madine.