April 1, 2007

Liblog: Liam's Blog - Part 2

Hallo – it's Liam. I'm back again with the next instalment of what happened when we took part in BBC-TV 'When will I be famous'.

Graham Norton was presenting the show.  He was very funny and not like a "star" at all.  He just hung around and chatted to people all the time.  And then suddenly the live show started!  Graham was very good at presenting.  We all tried hard not to read the autocue when he stood next to us.

First, we had to pull back our hoods and wave when we were introduced at the start, and then we were rushed backstage for a little bit of hanging around.  A live show is strange.  You kind of sense that something is going on, and going on quickly.  Before we went on to sing, when we stood behind the doors that would open out onto the stage, I think I heard a few Libera hearts beating fast.  One of them was mine!  Then we were on!

We walked out and went straight into position.  No one tripped over, no one was in the wrong spot.  The cameras swooped about us and we started.  I get nervous before singing, but once we start I am okay.  I think we all feel like that.  Once the song has started and everyone is singing what they need to sing we just concentrate on that.  Then the song was over.

The next bits all happened so fast.  Graham took Zack and Josh for a little interview, the judges said some things, and then we were backstage.  Tom did an interview while the act we were up against went onstage.  Then we were back onstage while the armchair judges decided on which of the two acts would go through to the next round.  We won!!!  We were voted through!  I have never been so excited.  Then we were off, back to the Top of the Pops bar for some celebratory hanging around.

This was strange hanging around.  We were just so delighted to be through, and we knew we would be on the later show.  Time flew by for us.  We later found out that friends, relatives, teachers, babysitters, shopkeepers, football coaches and pupils from all our schools were voting for us, for which we must say THANK YOU!  But amazingly we were soon back on stage in front of the cameras.

Now we really were nervous!  Singing is one thing, but being on a live TV show wondering when you are going to be voted out is another.  We were back on stage and Graham Norton announced the impossible – we were through to the final two!  That meant we were going to perform the song again.  I was glad we had some singing to do as I thought I was going to burst with excitement.  We sang, and the people we were up against, the Skating Aratas, did their act, a dangerous act on roller skates.  They were brilliant.  Then we went onstage with Graham again and he got ready to announce who the public had voted for out of the two of us.

If I said I was nervous before, I didn't mean it.  NOW I was NERVOUS!  We all were.  We had got all the way to the final!  We tried not to read the autocue as Graham spoke before announcing the result.  Then he said the winner of When Will I Be Famous is…


We went absolutely mad.  We had won!!!  We didn't know what to do.  Graham had put a big pause in before saying our name.  I think we all thought the skaters would be announced as winners.  But it was us!!  The skaters were lovely people.  They congratulated us.  The girl skater thought me and Tom were the cutest!  Well, she was half right (sorry, Tom!).  All the acts we were on with that night were really nice.  It was a great show.  A very long day, and very long night, but it was fantastic.  We had won and we were delighted.  I didn't stop smiling for days.

On the Libera coach on the way back to South London we were all tired but happy.  Then we got stuck in a traffic jam!  By the time we got home it was Sunday morning and I was starving, so I had some spaghetti hoops.  That is how to celebrate!

So a big thank you to everyone who voted for us!  And to everyone who worked on the show, all the other acts like Rubber Boy, Captain Frodo, the Rayner Brothers, David O'Mer (Bath Boy), Chloe Bruce, the Wakefield Tumblers, the Skating Aratas, and the judges Dave Spikey, Max Clifford and Chuck Harris, and Sophie Ellis Bextor, and Graham Norton.  It was such a different show for us to do and we loved it!