April 16, 2007

Liblog: Autographs

Hello, Mini Ben here. 

Today we landed in South Korea after an exhilaratingly splendidiferous few days in Japan. We've been busy bees and haven't had a moments rest. Concert, after concert, after interview, after interview. After the last concert we even had an autograph session before we could eat. There were so many lovely fans that we had to split the group into two teams. I've never met so many people all at once, and I feel really guilty because I could never remember all of their names.

Tom and I were working as a team, actually let me rephrase that, we were in fierce competition. Tom had a handful of catch phrases to say to the fans, and I kept stealing them. Everyone loves a compliment from time to time... At the beginning of the session my signature was perfect, and I even sneaked in the occasional smiley face. Three hundred people later (over 1200 fans came through in 40 minutes) and my wrist was aching, trying to write three syllables in half a second feels like hard work after over an hour. 

When the pens had run dry and everyone had been seen it was time to eat. We waved goodbye to the masses and went to collect our robes. However, by the time we had gathered our belongings the fans had swarmed our taxis. I made sure to say hello to everyone again but by this time I was thinking about my stomach. However, I needn't have feared, the meal to follow was enormous! I felt full just looking at all the food on our table. Everyone was really excited at the end of our last concert in Japan. I partially added to the excitement by accidentally ordering an alcoholic cocktail. I thought it was a fruit smootie and was grateful when the chaperones very kindly took it off my hands.

Over and out.

Ben (Mini-Ben)

(Libera staff note: There are supposed to be some pictures with this Blog, but we are in Korea without all our normal technology - so please go to our Pictures section to see some images from the signing that Ben talks about here)