April 9, 2013

Liblog: Terrific Taiwan

Why hello there.

We’ve travelled far and wide: from Canada to Japan, Korea to Ireland, America to the Philippines and even London to the Channel Islands. But today we turn a new chapter in the Libera world travel book, and set foot in a place we do not know anything of.


It’s really interesting to visit new places for the first time. Not only have you got a totally different culture, but also you’ve got new places to go, new people to see and new venues to sing at. We set off on our flight after a coach journey to the airport, and went through security, all that jazz.

After the 11-hour flight, we touched down in Hong Kong to queue up for our next flight to Taiwan. We were getting pretty excited now, but everyone was really sleepy and confused. When we descended into Taiwan, during another earache of the pressure change, things started to really get going.

A few custom and immigration checks later, we met up with our host. He led us to our coach: which would take us on our way to our first hotel. It looked shiny, and we got a to see our first view of the streets of Taipei. It was around 8, and we were all pretty hungry seeing as nobody ate any plane food. Don’t blame us, it was really quite disgusting.

The sight of our first hotel restaurant greeted us like an oasis in a desert. We quickly scoffed our dinner and were off straight to sleep. Everyone slept like a log, until they were greeted with the sunshine that would start our first day of really experiencing Taiwan.

In between all the concerts, rehearsals and professional stuff we do, as always there is time for us to muck around and see stuff we would never see back in England. An obvious hit was the Taipei 101. The second tallest building in the world, but we weren’t going to dubai any time soon. Even though it was an overcast day, that didn’t stop the twenty-six of us (and our chaperones) admiring the vast construction and architecture.

We went up at first, all the way to the first deck. The view was, as you may have guessed, cloudy; but we could still admire the 360 view of the city we’d be spending some time in.

After that, we went to take a look at the in-genius design of the pendulum, or wind-damper. The stairs then took us to the outside level, so near the top we were actually inside a cloud. It was weird to breath in the air that was so high up. After a short queue and 43 seconds later, we found ourselves back on the ground.

That was just one of the things we did. There was an interesting talk about the History of Taiwan by our host In the Regent Hotel, Taipei. We ate amazing food. We even went to sleep a few times.

Stay tuned for some more inside scoop on Taiwan.