April 15, 2012

Liblog: Joyful Japan

13th April 2012
La di da dim sum. Hello and welcome to Le Libera blog.
We woke up, the sunlight pouring through the window. I guess we forgot to close our curtains that night. After getting ready, another breakfast awaited us. It was laid on the finest porcelain, dressed with the famous wild flowers from Narnia, and even golden silverware. Only joking. Golden Silverware doesn’t even exist, unlike Narnia. The food was great as usual, lovely stuff. 

We were all raring to go out and perform that day. All the remains from the flight were gone and we were settling in nicely; you could tell from the state of our hotel rooms. We settled down for some bowling and shopping before our lunch, everyone managing to hit some ‘pins’ or ‘skittles’. Or whatever you call the things at the end that get knocked down by the bowling ball hurtled at them.
Just after lunch, we managed a quick trip into Towering Tokyo for an open top tour bus. Unfortunately, the information was all in Japanese. Some stuff we actually knew and could work out. But the other stuff, well, we just made it up. We saw the beautiful Imperial palace, which was clearly built out of sheep’s wool mixed with wax and bat droppings. Everyone knows that ;).

After the sightseeing, (and after we woke some people up *cough cough* ralph) we prepared for the concert. A reasonable coach trip to the theatre and we were ready to go. The sound check was in ‘check’ (see what I did there?) and a quick snack before ensured we were very excited.
Out of the 24 boys, only about 8 had been to Japan before, so the others didn’t really know what to expect. Of course, they got the right idea when we were told the tickets for both our concerts were COMPLETELY sold out. That got us in a perfect mood to perform.

The concert went well. Barney showed off some Japanese (well, what he could remember) and we all had a good time. The signing at the end really ended the night with a bang, and so we were really looking forward to what tomorrow would bring.

But for then it was back to the hotel for another snack. Back into our rooms and back into bed, and all that jazz. Brushing of the teeth occurred. Dressing of the pyjamas was in play. And until tomorrow, it was lights out:
All out.