April 10, 2012

Liblog: Going To Japan

After 6 days of enjoying the lovely city of Singapore, Moose professed that we would leave for Japan, and so it was done. We woke up and went down to the 5 star breakfast buffet that we were all waiting for with empty tummies and tired brains, we went back up with full bellies and active minds, we were ready for the day. When we got back up to our rooms, the first thing we did was pack, which is an interesting experience because it shows you what people do when under massive levels of stress. Socks are the main cause of this, as they are small and easy to lose under the bed, also, they are very easily confused.After packing we went to a really, REALLY nice sports club... Then found out we'd gone to the wrong one. 
So, we went to an even NICER sports club to have lunch and chill. I loved the lunch because the way it worked was that we all sat around a big round table while the food was served in many appetisers, but there were SO many, and they were all delicious so we were full AND satisfied. 

As I stepped out to go to the lavatory, a storm brewed up, it was amazing, there were raindrops the size of tabletennis balls, lightning strikes everywhere and thunderclaps every second. I was truly scared out of my mind.Apr├Ęs le dejeuner (after lunch) we all went to this big bowling alley/arcade/music room/ snooker room ( moose really likes that last one) and just had a nice last few hours in Singapore. 

We were now on our way back to the hotel to pick up our bags, god bless the poor coach driver. As we pulled into the drive of our hotel, there was an atmosphere of deep sorrow, we had all had a good time in Singapore and we didn't want to leave. The only thing that cheered us up was the fact that soon we would be in Japan, where the Sakura was just beginning. Funnily enough, the hotel manager came down to bid us farewell and give us a teddy each. As the day went on we finally got to the airport where we got rid of our big suitcases ( many of which we weren't able to carry by now) and set off for every man's nightmare- security. I say this because every single person that goes through that detector is afraid that they will be the one that it chooses to maliciously  humiliate in front of the rest of the building but thankfully no one got stopped for TOO long so it was ok. 

The next part (moose's favourite part) is when we descend on the duty free in an attempt to spend all our leftover money in anyway we can, or just to stock up on food for the flight, it's hard to tell which is which with the miniboys. The flight started off pretty well, there were no major delays and soon we were up in the air and on our way to Japan. We are just about to land now as I am writing this but if you want to know more about what happens on a plane with us, go to our next blog.