April 3, 2005

Libera's Korea Diary (3) - Final

Editor's note: Libera's Korea Diary is a special report by Club Balcony, the official event organizer for Libera's South Korea concerts. Korean to English translation by Inna. 

Twenty two Libera boys. From the oldest boys like Steven Geraghty, Sam Coates and Ben Crawley who are helping Robert as co-producers to the rest of the boys, we have discovered so much aspects about the people who exist in the name of Libera. They seemed to forgot about the rigorous tour schedule they had for the past few days. With all the gifts they received from the fans, the boys looked genuinely happy as if they got presents from Santa Claus on the Christmas day morning. When they talk to each other and joke around, they are just ordinary boys. However when they sing on the stage, we dare to say we have discovered 'beauty' in the 'boys.' After hearing that they picture their future within the realm of music and arts without hesitation, we thought that this moment when they love music and express their love to music is one of the most beautiful times of their lives. Their first concert in Korea -and also the first international concert- was heart-fluttering with anticipation. After gaining confidence from the first concert at Chungmu Art Hall, their second concert at Ewah Woman's University was continuation of excitement. Then there was Libera's last concert on April 3rd, which they sang with solemn and commemorative hearts for Pope John Paul II who has passed away the day before. We thought that to Libera, music is the window that projects their heart.