April 7, 2005

Libera Members: Spring 2005

Sam Abouelfaid
Born in September 1992 
I'm Sam, but the other members call me SAM A.B., just not to confuse the other, Sam senior. I almost always sing the bass with Jake. I love singing, because I can lift my voice as I am not talkative. 

Jonathan Barrington
Born in January 1995 
I'm Jonathan. I don't like being called John but I don't care if Mr Prizeman call me JB. I am still a newbie, so this is my first tour abroad. I always sing the treble part with Joe SW, except when he takes his solos. 

Anthony Chadney 
Born in August 1989 
I'm Anthony, but most people call me CHAD. I love singing live and jestures and everything on live performances. I haven't been in Korea and Japan either so far, but I believe the both countries are great places. 

Sam Coates
Born in August 1988 Hello everyone, I'm Sam. I can't tell you why though, in some reasons they call me SPAM. On music, I find two things very fun ; the complecacy of jazz, and the second my transcription of jazz pieces for playing my piano. It is great fun to me to perform and record jazz tunes , of vocals by Ben, set by Steven. I am also interested in technology, so both of your countries are like in heaven to me!  

Ben Crawley
Born in September 1987 
Hello, I'm Ben. I love songs that give me chances for expressing myself, and it's a great pleasure to sing in such concerts. My best favorite is a music of A CAPPELLA, such as Single Singers. I wish I'll become a professional singer or D.J. Soon I can't sing high with Joe and Tom but am looking forward to coming the days of singing with Steven as tenor. 

Thomas Cully
Born in July 1994 
Hi, I'm Tom! I enjoy so much sharing the singing with the other Libera members, because they give me the wonderful chances of singing live, making the music together with them. I fancy Japan is quite a country, and if possible, I'd like to meet Sumo wrestlers! Except for singing, I am a big supporter of a local football club called Crystal Palace. 

Edward Day
Born in November 1995 
Konnichiwa(hello), I'm Ed. I love singing, especially the treble melody lines. My favorite of Libera is 'Sanctus'. I love Japanese Anime's so I'd like to see the process of making. Sayounara (bye). 

Steven Geraghty
Born in July 1987 
I'm Steven, often called HAMSTER because I have a pet hamster and collector of goods on hamsters. My highlight of Libera activities was taking a part in making the film HANNIBAL. Not only I love movie soundtracks but a composer myself, so meeting Hans Zimmer is my best memories, who has made tons of impacts on me. During the tour I'll play my clarinet so have fun. 

Michael Horncastle
Born in February 1993 I'm Michael, do not mistake me for MIKE! I love singing so much because it gives me the opportunity of expressing myself! Libera is great fun to me, especially during the video shoots or TV appearances, I guess. One of my best memories is VOCA ME shootings in the woods, holding a torch. Ah well, you Japanese people did me a great, life-long favor --- your invention of ORIGAMI!! 

Sam Leggett
Born in October 1994 This is another Sam, so they call me SLEG for avoiding mix-ups. One of the funs of Libera is making trips abroad, to such great countries as Korea and Japan.  

Simon Lewis
Born in August 1990 
I'm Simon. Now eight years has passed since I first joined Libera. I sang as a treble together with Conor or Tom. I hope I can understand your language someday but I have to admit that your language is too difficult to me! 

Zack Lockett

Born in April 1996 
Hello everyone, I'm Zachary, the smallest of all members, so hoping I'll grow up to a big, tall guy like Ben or Sam someday. I enjoy Libera because I can sing some cool tunes! My favorite is playing games, so I'm looking forward so much to visiting Japan as the land of producing great games. 

Joshua Madine

Born in October 1994 
Hello, I'm Josh. I love singing in live performances so Libera is great fun to me. My favorite album is FREE. This is my first trip to Japan so looking forward to visiting the electronics quarter. 

Raoul Neumann

Born in September 1990 I'm Raoul, and enjoy many kinds of singing activities of Libera, especially during the recording sessions. One of the great things to me on Japan is your traditional martial art called Bu-do. Really cool! 

Conor O'Donnell

Born in May 1992 
Hi, I'm Conor, a.k.a. C.O.D., and a newbie of Libera team. Singing is my best favorite, especially love treble, high-tone lines. During Japan visit, I'd like to take a ride for Shinkan-sen line (Japanese bullet train service). 

Callum Payne

Born in June 1992 
Konnichiwa, I'm Callum. I enjoy so much an unique combination of show business and singing. I think Japan is a wonderful country, so I hope I can find many things rarely seen in England. Sayounara (bye). 

Joseph Platt
Born in August 1991 
I'm JOE 1, one of the top soloists of Libera. To me, singing is letting myself free from anything and giving me some confidence. I like many kinds of music forms but my best is SKA PUNK. Oh, I have something to express my thanks ; letting me know of SUSHI! I love it!! 

Chris Robson

Born in October 1990 
Hello everyone in Japan, I'm Chris. Thank you so much for joining our concerts! I thank Libera because they give me such occasions to perform before the audiences, rarely experienced in our daily, ordinal life! I don't like Poke-mon so much but they are among the great inventions from Japan. 

Joe Sanders-Wilde

Born in October 1991 
I'm JOE 2, but I would rather be called JOE S.W. than Joe 2. The member boys of Libera are all my best friends, so Libera is great fun to me. I hope I can handle the chopsticks properly during my first trip to Japan ... 

Jake Shortall

Born in May 1991 
Hello everyone, I'm Jake. In Libera, I have the time of my life during movings by bus, because the guys are very excited! I like playing the piano and trying to be funny with each other so I hope I can be a crazy jazz pianist when I grow up. 

James Vereycken

Born in August 1993 
I'm James. I have a rare ability of dual part singer for both treble and bass. In some tunes I sing with our two Joes, but in most pieces I sing bass, with Jake. My brother Michael also joins this tour with me. 

Michael Vereycken
Born in October 1995 
I'm Michael, they call me MIKE in short. Singing is a hobby to me, and I like some raucous parties. I love Libera so much, because the guys are really good friends to me! Also I am into games, especially productions from Japan, my best favorite!