January 1, 2013

Profile: Luis Fernandes

Name: Luis Fernandes
Status: Former
Birthday: Unknown

Luis's first public appearance was at the Arundel Cathedral in May 2010. As for the UK Autumn Tour 2010, his name was credited in the program book but he was not found on the stage. His photo is in the Peace album leaflet but name was not credited.

Album Appearance:
The Christmas Album (2011)

Concert Appearances:
05/15. Arundel Cathedral, Arundel, United Kingdom - debut
10/27. Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, United Kingdom - name only
10/29. Chester Cathedral, Chester, United Kingdom - name only
11/19. St. George's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom - name only
11/20. Beverley Minster, Beverley, United Kingdom - name only