May 9, 2008

Liblog: Singing at a Papal Mass in New York Yankees Stadium to 60,000

Singing for the Pope was really cool, but also scary and funny.  Funny because when we were waiting to go on this trolley of food came by and on top was a plastic bag with a piece of paper saying ' Pope Food' on it. And there were loads of priests we had to squeeze past, and they were all joking and taking photos on their mobiles. 
But it was scary to walk out in front of 60,000 people - and on TV -  and to stand in the middle of the stadium and see the crowd in broad daylight – normally you can't see the audience in a theatre.  And I could hear them – with that many people cheering and clapping it's loud!

But once we were in place I couldn't see because the baseball floodlights were so bright so all I could do was sing.  And then there was no time to be scared. Afterwards we had to bash through the crowds and get to the airport still wearing our white robes 'coz we had to catch a long flight home for school the next day!

By Liam Connery