June 5, 2007

Liblog: Water

I go to Libera rehearsals after I go swimming. My ears are always full of water when I get there. This has two effects on me. The first is I tend to wander around unable to hear what anyone is saying to me, but that isn't really a change as that is how I spend my time at school. The second is I cannot compare my voice in rehearsals to the other boys until the water has left my ears which takes a very long time. I have no idea why it takes it so long. You would think water would just fall out of your ears, but it doesn't, it slooshes around for a good half hour before suddenly disappearing. When it does go I can suddenly hear clearly which is usually a total surprise as someone is invariably shouting at me to pay attention. I can also hear ants crawling on leaves and dust blowing through deserts, or so it seems, but that might just be my imagination. Going swimming also gives me red eyes which makes me look like those little creatures in cloaks in Star Wars who build things out of scrap metal. If we are doing photo shoots I look like a creature from a science fiction film with red eyes and pruned skin on my hands and water slooshing around my ears. I quite like having the undersea world in my head, so long as there aren't any fish in there.