July 21, 1992

Discography: Angel Voices

Angel Voices (1992, 1993)
1. Song of Joy
2. Pie Jesu (soloist: Oliver Putland and Daren Geraghty)
3. For the Beauty of the Earth (soloist: Oliver Putland and Daren Geraghty)
4. I Have a Dream (soloist: Oliver Putland)
5. O for the Wings of a Dove (soloist: Oliver Putland)
6. San Damiano
7. Be Still for the Presence of the Lord (soloist: Oliver Putland and Daren Geraghty)
8. Always There (Howard's Way theme) (soloist: uncertain but probably Daren Geraghty)
9. Glory to Thee My God this Night (soloist: Oliver Putland and ?)
10. One Voice (soloist: Oliver Putland and ?)
11. How Can I Keep From Singing?
12. Praise to the Lord the Almighty (soloist: Oliver Putland)
13. Panis Angelicus (soloist: Oliver Putland and ?)
14. Adoramus Te (soloist: Oliver Putland)
15. Morning Has Broken (soloist: Oliver Putland and Daren Geraghty)
16. Sailing (soloist: Oliver Putland)
17. Sing For Ever (soloist: Oliver Putland)
18. Orinoco Flow
19. Be Still My Soul (soloist: Oliver Putland)
20. Silent Night